About Rec Indovent

REC Indovent AB was founded in 1954. We develop, produce and sell products in the business areas ventilation units, ventilation components, chimneys and solar cells. Our goal is to create climate smart solutions for buildings of the future through our broad knowledge and technical competence. This with a strong focus on quality and the environment and being a long-term, reliable and stable partner for our customers. Our sales for 2019 amounted to approximately SEK 100 million. REC has 36 employees and is owned by the Ernströmgruppen.

Our products

Our products are manufactured in our own factory or in collaboration with mainly European subcontractors, often with our own tools and own brand.

Our customers 

We find our customers mainly in the construction / real estate industry, such as property owners, construction companies, ventilation contractors, consultants, dealers or architects. A common denominator is that they are all focused on climate-smart solutions, low energy and good indoor climate.

High Quality

We offer certified products that are tested and well documented. We always deliver with a very high level of service. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ high expectations.

Our responsibility – a sustainable future

Our environmental goal is to be a partner in climate smart solutions for buildings of the future. In addition, we will strive to reduce our climate impact (Co2) by 35% by 2025 and to obtain environmental class A, according to the ECO Screening Tool. REC is certified to the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards for quality and environment. With our knowledge, environmentally friendly products and our service, we make contributions to creating better and more energy efficient products. In the long run, this means that we are involved and contribute to a better climate on our planet, which we are very proud of.