Environmental policy

Environmental Policy of REC Indovent AB and Swedish subsidiary

We aim at producing and selling products that in its function reduces negative environmental impact in society. Our products should not contain environmentally hazardous substances. In products where such can nevertheless be found we are striving to reduce the amount, thereby diminishing the effect of our environment. Within the REC group we continually act in ways as to prevent pollution and minimize any negative effects on the environment that might occur. We adhere to present laws and relevant standards while working on continuous improvements.


Environmental consideration is the responsibility of each single co-worker. We act in ways as to ensure that our company contributes to a sustainable development for the benefit of future generations.


In order to obtain this we shall:

  • Promote education and commitment in all co-workers.
  • Work to minimize the amount of good traffic and to adjust it environmentally.
  • Work to promote that suppliers will adjust their products and wrapping to meet environmental requirements.
  • Control sale and purchasing in favour of pro-environmental and recyclable products.


Mölndal, 2021/10/18


Claes Jäderholm


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