Environmental work at REC

For us working at REC, environmental consideration comes as a natural part of our work. We believe it is important to share knowledge of how you build energy efficient buildings; at the same as you reduce impact on our climate you cut your costs. During the past few years the interest in energy efficient buildings and passive houses has increased dramatically.

In order to spread environmental knowledge our co-workers have to be committed and experienced. We are continually working with improvements from an environmental point of view. At least once a year everyone working at REC participate in an education concerning environmental topics.

At the moment we are investigating how to improve our freight transportation and business journeys with respect to the environment.
The main part of our sales staff has been taught how to “eco drive”.

We are cooperating with our suppliers and collaboration partners to make our products clean from doubtful materials and substances from an environmental point of view. As much as possible of the products should be recyclable.

By continually increasing our environmental knowledge and creating commitment for environmental issues we are contributing to a sustainable development.