Quality policy

The Quality Policy of REC Indovent AB and Swedish subsidiary

In co-operation with our suppliers we meet the needs and requirements of our customers concerning quality and delivery precision on our products and services. Through continuous improvements, a high service standard and a healthy, long-term profitability we will maintain and strengthen the good reputation of our group regarding competence and reliability.

Quality is the responsibility of every single co-worker. We shall always act in a manner enabling our company to be regarded as synonymous with quality by both customers and suppliers.

In order to achieve this we

• satisfy both our customers’ and relevant stakeholders requirements.
• offer and supply products and services in accordance with our own and/or our customers’ specifications.
• deliver timely and on the mutually agreed terms.
• treat all costumers with a constructive attitude of commitment and service-mindedness.
• motivate our co-workers in a manner as to make them feel participation and pleasure in their work.
• invest in continual development of the competence of our co-workers.
• continously measure and evaluate the results of our quality work.

Mölndal, 27 juni 2016
Kenneth Carlsson
Managing Director
REC Indovent AB consists of:

REC Indovent AB, Mölndal
REC Indovent AB, Linköping
REC Temovex AB, Mölndal

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